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I started shooting when I was 19. I took my first photography class in college and soon realized that this is what I wanted to do. I decided to major in photography and soaked up everything I was taught. That was 19 years ago.... I decided early on that I wanted to dedicate my craft to capturing moments for others because they become moments for my self as well. I love to tell a story, whether it’s with 100 images or just one. The images I capture help people feel that moment of love, adoration and joy forever.

I have the most wonderful family who inspires me, children that are my constant muse, and a husband that supports me the entire way. I am forever grateful to them and without them, I would not be the photographer and person that I am. Thank you Adam, Lily and Liam, you are my world.

The more I shoot, the better I become and the more I want to learn. I will never stop perfecting what I do because my clients deserve the absolute best. Not only is this a job, but it is my passion and it’s also a ton of fun. Chasing kids and acting like a crazy person just to get that giggly smile and walking through the woods with a couple to find that perfect spot with the sun peeking through the trees is truly joyful for me. I have had the rare pleasure of hearing hundreds of vows and seeing the exact moment that two people commit themselves to each other and I still tear up every time. I could not have picked a more fulfilling job and honestly, it is so much more than a job.

Thank you to my past, present and future clients. You are all wonderful and make every photograph worth it.

-Heather Wise

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