Answers to all (or most) of your burning questions

Are you available for my date?

Send me a quick email through my contact form and I will promptly get back to you with that answer

Are your packages customizable? 


Do you charge for travel?

I charge .55¢ a mile past 60 miles for weddings (each way) and .55¢ a mile past 30 miles each way for all other sessions.  

For destination weddings, all travel fees are additional to the price of the package

What should I wear for my session?

Check out my wardrobe guide here!

What should I bring to my session?

Summer:  Water, small towel for sweat, blanket to sit on, and comfortable shoes for walking (even though you might be putting on some nice shoes in the pictures, they aren't fun to walk around in, especially at a park), make up for touchups

Winter: Comfortable shoes, blanket for sitting, jacket, plenty of warm clothes if you are bringing children.  Cold children are grumpy children and those don't take the bets pictures.

If you have kids: Toys, especially ones that make them laugh, plenty of snacks and water, probably an extra change of clothes in case they get dirty 

How much is the deposit?

It is 20% of the booking fee to secure your date

What is your turn around time?

For weddings it is 6 weeks, and for all other session it is 2 weeks

How will I get my pictures?

They will be delivered via an online gallery hosted right here on this site

Will I get all of the pictures you shot?

You will get all the GOOD pictures I shoot;).  I do not release RAW images, but I only throw out the ones that aren't worth showing you.  If it's great, you'll see it.

Can I post my images online?

Of course!  I encourage you do just that.  I do ask that I am tagged via Facebook, Instagram or my website and that no filters are used.  This is so that the integrity of the photo is intact and that if someone else sees it, they know what to expect if they hire me

Need more answers?  Just shoot me an email @ or though the contact form on this site

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